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Getting started

To start playing Anito Legends, you must first own at least three Anito NFTs. These can be purchased from our online marketplace.

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Download and install the game client

Download the game client for your platform of choice and install it to your device. Your progress will be synced, so you can install the game to a different device later on and continue playing wherever you left off!

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Last edited: September 21, 2022

We have made a detailed guide in our beta onboarding document. You can check it out here. Please make sure you are on testnet and not mainnet on MetaMask.

The beta version works for PC, Mac, and Android devices. iOS support is coming soon.

Yes. The Anito Legends beta is currently playable on Android, and iOS support is coming soon. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

This means you have not yet received the beta test Anitos. Please be patient as we onboard by batches.

If you signed up for the beta and sent over your Metamask wallet address, it may take some time for us to whitelist because we do this by batches, once a week. We usually do this before our regular Friday updates.

No. These Anitos are for the testnet only.

We will airdrop these Anitos once we launch on Mainnet.

This will be implemented in the future update where Anitos with full friendship meters can earn more $GINTO, among other things.

There are a number of game mechanics like ‘Ambush’ weapons that allow players to attack the back lane first. Splash damage is another one, you can attack the front while also damaging adjacent units. We are launching more weapon abilities soon.

We want to launch sometime in Q2 2022.

No. The team has had previous success with games like Streetfood Tycoon, Vote Clicker and Pocket Arcade. But this is our first game on the blockchain. We have been making mobile games since the first iPhone launched, and even before that, during the days of Palm OS and Pocket PC.

The current version of Anito Legends is no longer browser-based and must be downloaded to your device.

If you signed up with your email, we send out notifications when new Anitos are whitelisted. If not, we make the announcements on social media channels and Discord.

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